Muay thai (thai boxing) is a combat sport that originated from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques and foot sweeps. It's the science of 8 limbs( fists, elbows, knees and shins ). 

2.  How much are classes?

Classes are $160 a month.  $100 a month for children .No contract. No set up fees.  Unlimited number of classes. Gym membership comes with free Muay Thai Shorts. We also offer discounts for college students, veterans and families. Discounts also available if you purchase membership for 6 months or a year. Email for more questions on price.

3. What are the times for classes, experience level and age limits?

Adults and children welcome. Beginners and Advanced welcome. Age limits and schedule found here - https://www.john146muaythai.com/schedule

4. Do you offer free trial classes?

No we do not. We have a visitor option which is $25. Choose the visitor option when you sign up - https://john-146-muay-thai.gymdesk.com/signup    Visitor option does not provide free Muay Thai shorts.  Visitor fee is one time. 

5. Do I need to be in shape to train Muay Thai at John 14:6 Muay Thai?

No you do not. You will get into shape by training. The experienced instructors  will tailor training to your fitness level and experience without diluting the art of Muay Thai. If you are a beginner, be sure to schedule an intro Muay Thai class. Children are not required to take intro muay thai classes.

6. What equipment do I need for training?

All members receive free Muay Thai Shorts. In addition to your Muay Thai shorts, you will need to purchase 16 oz Muay Thai gloves and Muay Thai hand wraps. Muay Thai hand wraps can be purchased at the front desk.  16 oz Muay Thai gloves can be purchased from our Muay Thai store here - https://www.john146muaythai.com/muay-thai-store

You can also buy Muay Thai gloves from Amazon, Ebay or a local sports store. Visitors can come in Muay Thai shorts or regular workout clothes.

7. How do I sign up and can I just walk in and take a class?

No we do not allow random walk ins. Customers(Members and Visitors) must sign up and schedule classes. Before class, you  must check in on your phone or at the front desk with your code. Sign up here - https://john-146-muay-thai.gymdesk.com/signup  

Try to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled class. Always schedule class ahead to avoid missing class due to capacity. 

8. Who are the trainers at John 14:6 Muay Thai ?