Crazy Cap Pro(Self Cleaning Water Bottle)

The Crazy Cap Pro is John 14:6 Muay Thai's official self cleaning bottle  endorsed by and used at the gym.

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Description -

Introducing the revolutionary WAATR Crazy Cap Pro! A self-cleaning water bottle cap is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a clean and convenient way to stay hydrated on the go! This innovative cap is equipped with a powerful 20mW UV-C LED light that destroys up to 99.99999% of bacteria (such as E.Coli) & viruses in PRO mode, ensuring that your water stays clean and safe to drink at all times.

Simply tap the touch sensor on the cap to activate the self-cleaning feature, and let the UV-C light work its magic. In addition to its self-cleaning capabilities, this water bottle cap is also designed with convenience in mind. The cap is leak-proof, so you can toss your bottle in your bag or backpack without worrying about spills.

Whether you're hiking in the great outdoors, hitting the gym, or just running errands around town, this selfcleaning water bottle cap is the perfect way to ensure that you always have access to clean and safe drinking water. So why wait? Order your CrazyCap Pro and experience the ultimate in clean, convenient hydration!

PRO PURIFICATION | Destroys a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens from your water. The best-in-class performance in Pro Mode* purification features a 99.99999% kill rate for E. coli and a 99.8% kill rate for NTM.
PRO SELF-CLEANING | Cleans the bottle automatically every hour.
PRO HYDRATION | Keeps you hydrated with built-in hydration reminders.
PRO THERMAL PERFORMANCE | Guaranteed to keep contents cold for 24 hrs. and hot for 12 hrs.
PRO WATER-PROOF | Waterproof charging technology makes CrazyCap Pro ultra-durable against water damage.
LIFETIME WARRANTY | 10-year limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.